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Do you sell information obtained from your customers?

No. Alaska Commercial Company is committed to protecting our customers’ privacy. Please review our privacy policy.

How many hours will I be working?

Like the rest of retail, it’s not uncommon for salaried management employees to work long hours or to be needed at the store on a day off, but we take that into account. Your compensation package reflects the true effort and hours you put into the store. Full-time hourly employees work 40 hours a week. This generally includes evening and weekend shifts.

Where are your vacancies? Do I have location choice?

Our vacancies change, so we recruit and hire year-round for multiple locations. While we will certainly consider your preference, a particular community might not have an opening or, operationally, might not be a good fit. We aim to assign you to a store where you will be set up for success.

How can I sell my product or service to Alaska Commercial Company?

We are always looking for new and innovative products that can better help and serve our customers. Wherever possible we buy products locally within the communities we serve. Visit the Contact Us portion of our website, utilize the form to submit information on your company and products, and it will go to the appropriate Category Manager.

Do you offer a relocation package?

For most positions, we provide a generous relocation package for you and any immediate family relocating with you.