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Testimonials from some of our Employees

Our team members are crucial to both the success of our stores and the thriving of the communities we serve. With each member comes a distinct experience and story that sheds light on the daily experiences and culture at Alaska Commercial Company. Their stories reflect their unwavering commitment and diverse backgrounds, from the obstacles they encounter to the encouragement they receive. Together, these narratives embody the diverse and dedicated spirit of our team.

“I started working for AC as a teenager in Bethel, AK. I also worked in Aniak as a cashier before moving to Anchorage with my family. I did not want to leave the company, so I did some relief management. I also worked in the recruitment department in the Anchorage office for a while. I decided I was ready to head back out to the stores and got into the manager-in-training program in Galena, where I trained for several months before becoming the Store Manager here.

It took a lot of hard work to be where I am now. I love my job as the store manager. It’s been a lot of fun working for AC. Everyone I have met who works for the company is super friendly and helpful. My DSO is also fantastic and answers any questions I have.”

~ Amber Frerichs, Store Manager – Galena, AK

“My firsthand experience in Barrow, Alaska, revealed the extraordinary possibilities of working in rural Alaska. As the Deli/Bakery Manager, I discovered deep fulfillment and unique opportunities that can only be found in remote communities. Embracing the village life in Barrow allowed me to form genuine connections within a tight-knit community, where the genuine care and support they offered one another were truly remarkable. The profound sense of belonging and the close bonds forged in Barrow made it an exceptional place to work and live. Working in rural Alaska is not just a job but an opportunity to immerse yourself in breathtaking surroundings, build authentic relationships, and make a lasting impact. Join us in embracing the extraordinary and experiencing the fulfillment of contributing to a vibrant community in rural Alaska.

Being a part of this company means being a part of something bigger—a mission to uplift and support the people of rural Alaska. I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the growth and success of Alaska Commercial Company. It is an honor to be a member of such an incredible organization.”

~ Elaheh Ranji, Span Elite/WIC Manager

“I am the proud Front End Manager for AC Bethel #135. I have been in Bethel, Alaska, since August 11, 2022, but have been employed by AC since 8/07/2023. I was determined to live out my dream of living and working in the wonderful state of Alaska! I initiated communication with the Recruitment Team in Anchorage and then the “ball started rolling.” It only took two weeks for me to see my dream and get to Alaska for Orientation. I got to meet my recruiter and get this!!!……the President of AC, Kyle Hill himself!! AC paid for my relocation, my travel, and my necessities for all of this!

I was initially hired as GM Dept Manager in Training, but as I worked at it, my boss Store Manager Seth Madole (who has worked with the company for 23 years), saw that my niche (as I agreed with him) was running the Front End and hired me as his Front End Manager. I now live in Bethel permanently, and I love it!! My first winter here was fabulous!!! Christmas is my time of year, and I had the perfect “White Christmas”!

Working for Alaska Commercial, I have had the privilege of living the “many opportunities” offered by this remarkable company! I would hands down recommend for anyone to join this company and Alaskan Lifestyle!”

~ Christina Macioce, Front End Manager – Bethel, AK

“When I first joined the Alaska Commercial Company, I thought I’d put in my five years and then move back to Colorado. Half a decade later, I foresee a future firmly anchored with ACC and NWC, where I plan to build a rewarding career spanning many more years.

My tenure at NWC has been transformative, both professionally and personally. It has not only offered me the chance to climb up the corporate ladder but also exposed me to an amazing team of colleagues with whom I’ve shared a phenomenal journey.

During my early days, I was fortunate to live and work in three distinct ACC communities – Bethel, Kotzebue, and Sitka. The experiences there solidified my understanding of our critical role in providing essential groceries to some of America’s harshest landscapes. Progressing to a corporate office role, I’ve had a behind-the-scenes view of the tireless dedication required to ensure our operations run seamlessly.

Witnessing this remarkable commitment from my peers and the management team has instilled in me a profound sense of pride. I’m humbled to be part of a company that cares so deeply about the communities we serve.

As I stand on the brink of my five-year anniversary, I find myself contemplating my career trajectory. What stands out in every vision of the future is my continued growth within the NWC, in an environment that values its employees and fosters their development. I am excited about the journey ahead and look forward to contributing to our mission for years to come.”

~ Michael Fernandez, Sales Representative – PAW